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Chris Benz Hops on the Chatanooga Choo Choo, Or Something

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Since The Great Gatsby is now a very big theme, Chris Benz's fall 2012 presentation took a page straight out of 1940. Or maybe 1920, as it was a little hard to tell. We imagine both time periods were pretty fun, though the models here looked particularly bored and over it. We, on the other hand, enjoy a good red patent leather pump paired with white fishnets every now and then (why not?), so we spent yesterday afternoon gawking at his models at Lincoln Center.

So let's see: There were hats, shiny gloves that looked like a camel hoof-lobster hybrid, full skirts paired with embellished tops, and a sequin tiered dress worn with a giant bow collar, among many other things. Pretty much what you'd expect an extra boozy Daisy Buchanan to wear. Take a look through the gallery above for a few looks from the collection, and be sure not to miss the photo of the dressed-up models being bizarre-o anachronisms with their point-and-shoot camera.
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