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Macy's Legal Battle With Martha Stewart Now a "Hostage" Situation

Happier times. Photo credit: Getty Images
Happier times. Photo credit: Getty Images

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In what's an interesting use of the word, Macy's has declared that its ongoing legal battle with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia is now officially a "hostage" situation. If you haven't been keeping up, here's the gist according to WWD: Last month, Macy's sued Martha Stewart for a breach of contract, when her home goods company that's carried at Macy's also signed a deal with J.C. Penney. Martha said that it was actually Macy's who was doing the contract breaching, because they failed to "maximize net sales" of her products.

Then, Macy's amended their initial complaint to add: "MSLO's new assertion that Macy's has breached the agreement is being made by MSLO in bad faith, is manufactured out of whole cloth, and is by all appearances nothing more than a tactic dreamed up by MSLO's lawyers to improve MSLO's litigation or settlement posture." Burn.

Martha Stewart shot back, and said that the Macy's contract should be invalid, and she'll be moving into J.C. Penney this month. Of course, for Macy's to replace the home goods collection would be a pain in the ass, and pretty much "impossible," according to the department store. And then they added: "Simply put, until this court is in a position to issue a final judgment declaring that Macy's exercise of the renewal option was effective, MSLO is holding Macy's hostage," the department store said. You know, just like in that movie with Bruce Willis.

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