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Oscar de la Renta's Smiling Models Are Sort of Happy, Sort of Scary

Images via Getty
Images via Getty

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Oscar de la Renta definitely gets the award for happiest models of the week. In a pleasant change of pace, his girls were sent down the runway with pretty smiles rather than the the typical expressionless glare. Combine that with his polished '60s-inspired dresses, and the event almost felt more like a debutant ball than a runway show.

Not that it was a totally straightforward display, however. In a subversive twist we're not quite sure what to make of, the catwalk soundtrack was a ballroom version of "She's a Maniac," and the models' perfectly teased bouffants were ever so slightly disheveled. It was hard to tell if the girls were coming happily undone, like at the end of a long night out—or maniacally unravelling, Stepford Wives style.

No confusion about the dresses, however: They were predictably beautiful. Check out some of our favorites in the gallery below.

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