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Dogs Wearing American Apparel, No More Modeling for Cindy Crawford's Daughter

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· Here's a gallery of dogs wearing American Apparel hoodies that were made from leftover fleece from, as our sister site puts it, the "regular, human styles." [Racked LA]

· Cindy Crawford has decided she'd rather not have her 10-year-old daughter continue with her modeling career for now. That means for the time being, she has to be just a regular 10-year-old with a supermodel mom. [Stylecaster]

· At the Joanna Mastroianni show yesterday, 95-year-old socialite and all-around amazing woman Zelda Kaplan passed away while sitting in the front row. Today, The Cut has rounded up some of her most memorable quotes, which include a word on her bedtime ("Anytime between midnight and 7 a.m."), how she feels about the foxtrot, and more. Plus, there's a picture of her hanging out with Snoop Dogg. [The Cut]

· The Barneys Warehouse Sale has begun! But unfortunately, our sister site says the women's selection isn't so hot. [Racked NY]

· Do you need even more street style from Fashion Week in your life? Like, 50 photos more? Then check out Refinery29's gigantic slideshow. [Refinery29]