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12 Power Pieces to Buy Right Now, In Honor of Presidents' Day

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Presidents' Day is here, and that means kicking back for a well-deserved long weekend in recognition of the most powerful figures in the United States. So thank you Lincoln, Washington, Roosevelt, and Obama—we are thrilled to be taking respite after a manic New York Fashion Week in honor of you guys.

But it got us thinking, about power and all, and just because we have yet to see a woman in the oval office, that doesn't mean we can't use this opportunity to make sure power pieces make their way into our wardrobes. Check out the gallery above, which is filled with a plethora of the most imposing, confidence-inspiring, don't-mess-with-me, power pieces we could find: think peaked shoulders, military-inspired jackets, bright colors, bold prints, body con shapes—and nary a black two-piece suit in sight. So here you go: 12 power pieces you can get right now.—Rebecca Suhrawardi

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