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Zero+Maria Cornejo: Girls Who Came In from the Cold and Wore Open-Toed Shoes

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At this week's Zero+Maria Cornejo, the look was all about sumptuous coats and warm layers, and the beauty aesthetic went along with it. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics created a special new nail polish color just for the occasion, making a greenish-blackish-glitter (pictured at right) that won't be available for the masses until this fall. It doen't have a name yet, but OCC makeup artist Ahbi wants to do the honors. Considering she had to crawl under tables to touch up models' pedicures, we think she's earned it.

Martin Cullen and his charming East London accent were in charge of the hair look for the show. He described the look as "super simple" and did the rare-enough-at-Fashion-Week-that-people-comment-on-it move of simply washing and drying the models' hair right then and there. Using shampoo and conditioner from Phyto and straighteners and heat styling tools from Amika, he created a sleek, dramatic look with major side parts.

The overall beauty look was described as "a girl who just came in from the cold," illustrated with pink cheeks and ever-so-glossy lips. Someone threw around the word "Icelandic." Either way, the tucked-in hair was a great complement for the high-necked coats, but the toes peeking out of open toed sandals did seem a bit non-wintry to us. At least the polish was nice, though.
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