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Episode 7: Brad in Print

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Last night's episode of Bravo's It's a Brad, Brad World turned out to be a pretty big one for Mr. Brad: He traveled to New York to see mock-ups of his page of Brad bytes in InStyle as well as his 12-page spread in Details. He also revealed that, yes, he sold his book. On the home front he and Gary met with a dog trainer in hopes of grounding crazy/adorable Penelope. He had his first fitting at his new studio—with Shay Mitchell for an awards event for Much Music. And, the duo—well, mainly Gary (who is a touch persnickety to say the absolute least)—continued to plan their tenth anniversary party.

One misstep—Brad wore a Thom Browne shorts suit to a Trevor Project benefit. It was covered in tiny black bows.

10. Johnny Weir also wore a shorts suit to the party. "I wore it best—sorry!"

9. "There is a fine line between tasteful and tasteless."

8. On Penelope, the dog: "She thinks we're dating."

7. A vicious cycle: She barks, Brad asks her what's up, she barks back, he keeps talking to her, she gets all riled up "and then I get annoyed because she won't stop."

6. There is so much natural sunlight in the new studio "you can totally tan at your desk!"

5. The life of a stylist: "I'm always trapped by trunks and rolling racks, in every picture."

4. And: "I think it's, like, the most anxiety-ridden job like anyone could have." Um ?

3. "? Exactly the way I'd want to live if I was a woman." (It involves Ferragamo.)

2. "I might slap on a bowtie!"

1. And, "I might celebrate by wearing a bowtie!"

Crying moments: 0

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