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How To Create Your Oscars Party Gift Bag for $50

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Right at this very moment, Hollywood is a-frenzy with celebs primping and shrinking and doing everything under the sun to ensure they glow on the Academy Awards red carpet. The rest of us, who don't have to fit into a size zero gown on Sunday, are stocking up on snacks and booze for our Oscars viewing parties. If you are one those generous people hosting an event for Hollywood’s Golden Night, first of all, thank you, and second, might we suggest you kick it up a notch? Every year, Academy Award nominees are treated to lavish gift suites offering up everything from beauty products and designer clothes to diamonds baubles and champagne. Why not make Sunday night in your living room just like the real Oscars with a handful of Oscar-themed party favors, all for around 50 bucks? Here's how...

1. Diamond Engagement Ring Charm, $2, Accessorize
So very like those Harry Winston necklaces, in all the most important ways.

2. Oscar Statue, $10, Hollywood Megastore
An award for the biggest ham of the party, perhaps.

3. Midnight in Paris DVD, $13.49, Amazon
Someone should win something for this, even if it's only one of your guests.

4. Mercy Hangover Cure, $11.50,
Because if the stars can't enjoy all that free-flowing Veuve Cliquot, someone should certainly do it for them.—Rebecca Suhrawardi
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5. Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, $3,
Think of it as having your own personal touch-up stylist in your pocket.