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Kenneth Cole Introduces the Real Life Version of That Project Accessory Unicorn Collection From TV

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Last night, legendary designer Kenneth Cole hosted a party at his Grand Central flagship store to debut Project Accessory winner Brian Burkhardt's Unicorn collection. Unlike most reality show-created designs, which tend to arrive at retail in heavily reworked forms, Brian's Unicorn Collection is exactly what we saw on the show. If you liked the resin horn Bolero ($125), Necklace ($48) and Bracelet ($48) on television, you'll like them in real life. And the Unicorn Clutch ($300) actually looks much richer in person.

Joining Kenneth and Brian at the launch was runner-up Nina Cortes, along with fellow Project Accessory contestants Adrian Dana, Christina Caruso, James Sommerfeldt and their mentor, Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti. And what event with the word "Project" in its title would be complete without a few Runway-ites? We spotted Ivy Higa, Jesus Estrada, and the always hilarious Casanova.

At the party, Kenneth Cole told us he decided to be a judge on Project Accessory because, "I felt it was an opportunity to be out there talking about fashion, which I haven't done that much of over the years—and it was a lot of fun." He also explained why Brian won over Nina—whose work we really loved:

I thought Nina was great, and I was really torn, but Brian really took some pretty big chances. A big part of fashion is about putting yourself out there and Brian did that every week. Sometimes it worked better than others, but he always was bold and he put out stuff that you wouldn't see in the ordinary course. Our favorite comment of the evening, however, came from a less famous guest, Brian Burkhardt's proud mother, Pat. She shared that Brian had kept his victory a secret to the end, even from his parents. "When Brian won we were watching it on TV and I called him right away. He said, 'I won! I won! I won! It feels so good to say it!'"

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