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Breaking: American Apparel Has Officially Run Out of Sexy Poses

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Among the leotards and other roller-rink friendly wares that put American Apparel on the map, the brand has become known for its unapologetically suggestive ads. Ever since introducing their very first model in a too-tight white T-shirt in 1997, they have consistently dreamed up provocative new poses each season, resulting in an ad catalog that rivals the Karma Sutra for suggestive contortions. The latest additions to this portfolio feature "dancer and economics student" Valeria modeling the Opaque Limited Print Tight in a bridge pose that looks as awkward as it surely must feel. So it is with sadness we acknowledge that even the geniuses in the American Apparel ad department have finally discovered their limits. On a bright note, however, we just learned that the brand's website includes a timeline of every ad ever published, so there is plenty of opportunity to revisit AA's creative heyday.
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