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Adele's Fave Mascara; Chanel Goes to Vegas; cK One Makeup

Adele, via Getty
Adele, via Getty

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EYES—British cult mascara Eyeko is coming to the States, hitting Sephora this weekend. Hard Candy creators Nina and Max Leykind are behind the product, which has wands that look like they were created in a spirograph machine. That said, Adele is a fan and we're contractually obligated to love everything she loves. [Elle]

MAKEUP—After their London-inspired Knightsbridge collection, Chanel is still finding inspiration in other cities. Next up: Las Vegas. The four-piece Vegas collection is all about bling, including Lucky Stripe eye and cheek powders and a nail polish called Gold Fingers. It's just the thing to wear with your Moonlite Bunny Ranch employee Halloween costume. [Racked Inbox]

MAKEUP—The '90s are back, and cK one is back too. This time, fragrance isn't enough--the brand is expanding to a full cosmetics line, including everything from bronzers to blushes to something called 3-in-1 Face Makeup. The line will launch in Spain first, then come to America in April. In summary, all of today's featured products are going on cooler vacations than you are. [WWD]