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Jil Sander Says her Uniqlo Experience Will Help Her at Jil Sander

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Jil Sander, via Business of Fashion

The whispers that Jil Sander will be returning to her eponymous label were confirmed last week (though, of course, everyone is still tripping over themselves to figure out where Raf Simons will go next—more on that in a minute) and now that the rumors are settled, Sander is speaking publicly about the appointment. Interestingly, she tells Vogue UK that she believes the two years she spent as the creative director of Japanese mass-market brand Uniqlo will help her as she returns to the luxury arena:
"We operated on a global basis and acted according to the pulse of time," she said. "I really familiarized myself with the art of designing excellent basics, and I feel that the spirit and enlightened development of basics has a lot to do with the future of fashion. I also realized the problems high fashion is facing, namely universal sameness," she told the magazine.

What that means exactly for Jil Sander's signature minimalist staples we're not sure, but we're certainly eager to find out.
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