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Dior's New Site; Black Lip Balm; Parisian Polishes

Image via Dior
Image via Dior

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MAKEUPDior's new Backstage website is an explosion of all things beauty. You can check out new colors, view runway footage, look at specific photos (like this one) to highlight your favorite looks, and (most importantly) buy stuff. There's also bangin' theme music, but put it on mute if you're sneaking a peek from the office. [Racked Inbox]

LIPSThe beauty look at the Pucci show at London Fashion Week included one surprising element: black lip balm. The custom balm was created by makeup artist Lisa Butler, who liked the "black currant" effect the balm had worn over lipstick. This isn't a look you should go too far with, though...Butler says she's anti-black lipstick. Nobody tell Abby from NCIS. [Beauty Counter]

NAILSChanel made makeup inspired by Las Vegas, and OPI's new line was inspired by the New York City Ballet. Next up: newbie brand Mattese Elite has created six mostly glittery polishes named for and inspired by Paris. Shades include Embrasse Moi (fuschia glitter), Je T'Aime (gold), and Mon Amour (red glitter). Not included: a color called Voulez Vous Couchez Avec Moi Ce Soir. [Birchbox]