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All the Essie Nail Colors of NYFW; Olympic Beauty; Pat McGrath's Mani

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NAILS—Questions about the nail looks at New York Fashion Week? Essie made a chart of all the shows that used Essie polishes and broke them down by color. The repeats: nude "Case Study" and pale pink "Mademoiselle." If you were counting on NYFW to tell you what nail polish to buy for spring, hedge your bets and just get all of them. [Racked Inbox]

SKIN—Although several beauty brands have already signed Olympic athletes as models in preparation for the 2012 summer Games in London, Benefit is going one step further by branding the products themselves. They've spiffed up their face primer with cute London-y packaging and will sell it beginning May 1. You may not have tickets to any of the events, but this is a pretty decent bronze medal-level substitute. [BBB]

NAILS—Although Pat McGrath is one of the queens of the beauty industry, she hasn't been taking that "physician, prettify thyself" advice ... until now. She just got her first manicure in a decade. The reasoning? She bought some killer new bling and friend Steven Meisel told her it didn't look right without a good nail color. She chose Dolce and Gabbana's new burgundy shade for the mani. Careful, Pat: manicures are kind of like Pringles: you can't just get one. [Beauty Counter]