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FINALLY: The Sofia Coppola Marni for H&M Video

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Though the collection doesn't actually come out until March 8, it feels like we've been waiting forever for Sofia Coppola's Marni for H&M video. And here it is. Watch as actress Imogen Poots awakes from a nap, lounges casually at Marrakech villa, goes to a pool party, falls in love with someone else's boyfriend, goes swimming, steals said boyfriend, lies down on a lounge chair. All this to the soundtrack of Bryan Ferry's "Avalon."

With all the dreamy poolside lounging and dim lighting and boyfriend snatching, the clothes feel practically beside the point (except in one scene where Poots fondles a polka-dot scarf a bit too lovingly to be believable). You basically just walk away with the impression that parties and romance and candlelight and super hot dudes await you as soon as the weather gets warmer, and you're probably going to want to wear prints when that happens. Which was the point of hiring Coppola in the first place, so job well done, Sofia.
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