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Shiseido Rehires Jennifer Connelly as Spokesmodel 3 Decades Later

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Everything old is new again. Japanese skincare and makeup line Shiseido has hired Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Connelly as their new face. But longtime fans of the brand (or the actress) are probably having a major case of deja vu right now, because Connelly and Shiseido worked together on a campaign called Perky Jeans back in the '80s. In a press release about the new ad campaign (it's for Shiseido's Future Solution LX premium skin care line and will premiere in the fall), Connelly said that she'd continued using the brand's products after their first go-round ended.

As far as marketing goes, this is kind of an amazing opportunity for Shiseido to take this case study and run with it big time: Think of all the (non-cheesy) opportunities they have to demonstrate what can go right when you use their products loyally for 30 years. (Also, lucky for them their former model is still famous and gorgeous—it would be a slightly less awesome story if Jennifer Connolly wasn't still bangin' at 41.)
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