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Dear Beauty Companies: There's More to Valentine's Day Than Pink Hearts

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Every Valentine's Day, beauty companies repackage their existing products in cute red and pink boxes, then jack the price up and hope guys will buy the sets for their girlfriends. However, a few brands make V-Day-specific products that are a little more thought out and (in some cases) a little more X-rated. These are some of our picks for limited edition beauty goodies that will last well beyond February. 1. Victoria's Secret Kissable Massage Oil in Vanilla
Though VS is pushing two new supermodel-friendly scents this year, this massage oil is a present for both people in the relationship, and a lot better than buying yet another bottle of Love Spell.

2. Butter London Nail Lacquer in Snog
Thank you, Harry Potter books, for teaching us that "snog" is British for "make out."

3. Stila Love at First Blush Set
New love always makes your skin flush. But if you need to fake it, this set is almost as good.

4. Lush Love Potion Massage Bar
If there's one gift better than beauty products, it's a back massage. There's this pesky knot right there...

5. Philosophy Love Sweet Love Body Spray

"Spray onto a clean, dry body." That's what she said.
6. L'Occitane Cherry Princess Eau de Toilette
What does love smell like? This light, sweet fragrance is a pretty good answer.

7. Dolce and Gabbana Charm Pencils
Your favorite lip and eye pencils just got some super-sweet accesories.

8. Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss
Want to get a gift for your single girlfriends? This lip gloss is named after a vibrator and comes like Colin, Julio, and Timothy.
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