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In Valentine's Day Fun, Nivea Launches Campaign to Get People to Touch Each Other More

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Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn, via People Magazine

Last night, Nivea launched a new campaign called "The Million Moments of Touch." Rather than pushing a new product, they're pushing a new lifestyle: they want you to get off of the internet and go hug someone, or kiss them, or ... well, you get the idea. To kick off the campaign, they brought out celebs: first, Dr. Drew (to talk about scientific studies relating to the power of touch) and Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell (to talk about the products and to stroke each others' hands awkwardly while talking about how important it is for couples to touch).

Nivea's campaign is tied to Valentine's Day, and they're holding a contest where couples can submit info about themselves on the Nivea Facebook page to win a "date night" paid for by the beauty brand. (No one commented on the irony of launching a get-offline campaign via social media, though.) O'Connell praised Nivea for Men's aftershave products, saying that he has to shave every day for his role in the Broadway play Seminar (nice plug!) and would have a pretty cut-up face otherwise. Rebecca called their home "a Nivea house" and admitted she's been using the products for years, but then copped to taking terrible care of her skin in her 20s and now making up for that.

So, those of you in committed relationships should check out Nivea's Facebook page and try to win a free date night. Those of you who are single should check out Nivea's Berry Swirl lip balm flavor. It smells really good.
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