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Stella McCartney's Gory Anti-Leather Video for PETA

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The video starts "I am Stella McCartney for PETA" and then WHAM: The vegetarian designer plunges straight into heinous slaughter house footage in her graphic new anti-leather video for PETA. Released yesterday, the video is a far cry from Penelope Cruz's high-glam anti-fur poster: disturbing, gory, and long (it clocks in at just over three minutes), this is no softball campaign. Designed to bring attention to the treatment of animals in the leather industry, which is less scrutinized than the fur industry, McCartney narrates while unsentimental documentary-style footage plays: Prepare yourself for unsoftened images of animal branding, throat-slitting, de-horning, skinning, and general brutality. PETA originally tried to get the videos to air on taxi TV during NYFW, but got shot down. The video is seeing support through Cathy Horyn and other respected fashion journalists, however, so it may yet receive a fair amount of industry exposure.
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