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The Racked Guide To Ranking Fashion Week Celebs

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During most of the year, the word "celebrity" means genuine stars. But when Fashion Week rolls around, the media often flock to the relatively unknown, while virtually ignoring people who are actually famous.

One Fashion week we had a nice chat with Arianna Huffington, whom the rest of the press didn't seem to notice, despite her front row seat. This was only twenty four hours after seeing Peaches Geldof literally mobbed by photographers. We've watched the likes of Barbara Walters, Lili Taylor, Stanley Tucci, Diane Sawyer and Mike Nichols attract almost no attention, while Leigh Lezark practically started a photographer stampede.

Although we consider ourselves to be pretty well schooled in pop culture, we often have to ask photographers the name of someone they've just shot, and then turn to Google to figure out who that so-called star actually is. After many seasons of Fashion Week coverage, we've figured out the secret code, and we've now used it to create a guide which you can in turn use to rank this Fashion Week "celebs."

General Rules
· Young beats old
· Female beats male, unless the male is gay
· Beautiful beats weirdly dressed
· Weirdly dressed beats normal looking

Specific Rankings
· Reality television stars beat models who DJ (in Europe, of course)
· Models who DJ (in Europe, of course) beat movie stars
· Movie stars beat television actors
· Television actors beat rock stars
· Rock stars beat television reporters.
· Television reporters beat models (who don't DJ).
· Models (who don't DJ) beat fashion designers, unless it's that designer's show. In that case, fashion designers beat everyone—except Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian beats everyone.

Make sure to follow all our upcoming Fashion Week coverage and count how many Fashion Week "celebrities" you've never heard of.

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