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Karl Lagerfeld Uses Dry Shampoo to Make His Hair More White

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The Kaiser, via Getty Images
The Kaiser, via Getty Images

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HAIR—Believe it or not, Karl Lagerfeld isn't actually a robot. He told Harper's Bazaar that he gets some help making his famous white mane the right color. "I have my hair done because I hate to have hair in my face when I sketch. My hair is not really white; it's kind of grayish, and I don't like the color. So I make it totally white with Klorane dry shampoo. That is the best thing to do because my hair is always clean." Some other Karl secrets: he only uses white bedsheets and linens, he sleeps in a long nightshirt, and the only things he drinks are protein shakes and Diet Coke. Come to think of it, maybe he is a robot. [Bazaar]

FRAGRANCE—Ralph Rucci is relaunching his brand to include some lower-priced goods, including sportswear and shoes. He's also readying a fragrance. Although he doesn't have a name yet, he told Fashion Etc that "I’ve had the bottle design, advertisement layout and fragrance ready to go since '84. One place he won't be selling the perfume is the Home Shopping Network, where he turned down a possible collab. Your grandma is going to be really bummed. [Fashion Etc]