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QVC Wants You to Pay $69 to Smell Like the Titanic

Jack and Rose on the Titanic, via IMDB
Jack and Rose on the Titanic, via IMDB

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FRAGRANCE—Next month marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. You could observe this day by watching Leo and Kate for the 100th time, but QVC has some other ideas. They're hawking several Titanic-related goodies, including a $69 perfume. "Legacy 1912 –Titanicä" (yes, that is an umlaut) comes in a pale gold bottle whose design was inspired by some of the artifacts found on the ship. It pairs beautifully with a pendant shaped like a first-class room key. But would Rose DeWitt Bukater wear the stuff? And what does an iceberg smell like? [Racked Inbox]

MAKEUP—We love Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics' lip tar for its staying power and killer color. This spring, they're adding six new shades of the stuff, which range from mint green to burnt sienna. However, the concept behind the colors is not what you'd expect: They were inspired by poisonous and psychotropic plants like magic mushrooms. Alice in Wonderland theme party, anyone? [Racked Inbox]