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Wang Said, Lu Said: Alexander Wang Fights Back Against Those Sweatshop Allegations

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Alexander Wang, via Getty

Alexander Wang has officially put up his dukes against those allegations of wrongful termination, poor working conditions, and violating minimum wage and overtime compensation laws. Wenye Lu, the former employee who is suing Wang's company for poor working conditions, claims he was let go "after applying for worker’s compensation for injuries sustained on the job." However, Wang's camp has fired back that Lu's termination was a clear-cut case of bullying in the workroom. That suggestion in itself leaves us with quite a lot to stir the imagination, so presumably we're talking blow-ups that are more serious than your standard Project Runway-style tiffs here. As the designer's rep told WWD, "This case was filed by an individual who was let go by the company as a result of serious harassment issues." So, basically, here's where we are: Lu says Wang is a jerk, Wang says Lu is a jerk, and the whole thing might just boil down to which one of the can prove it.
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