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HSN's 200-Piece Snow White Collection Officially Makes it the Movie's Ultimate Fangirl

There's more where this came from!
There's more where this came from!

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The new Snow White and the Huntsman movie starring Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart comes out in June, and you can bet that HSN will be in the theater on opening night, wearing all 200 of the products they're selling that were inspired by the film. Beginning on May 30, HSN will start hawking its Snow White merch—all 200 pieces of it—which includes, but definitely is not limited to: an apple broach, a mirror with twigs on it, lamps, candles, pillows, you name it.

The Times assures that if you call up to order that apple broach, there's no way you're going to get connected to someone who—gasp—hasn't even seen the movie: "In advance of its 'Snow White' programming blitz, HSN plans to show the movie to its employees—as with 'Eat Pray Love'—to help its call-center workers respond more readily to shopper questions about products and their connections to the film." Meaning, if you just feel like chatting about how hunky the Huntsman is, there will be someone on the other line who really, truly understands.
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