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Alber Elbaz Charms With Music; Kate Upton Bedazzles Some Fabric

Alber Elbaz sings, via Getty
Alber Elbaz sings, via Getty

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· Performing under a shower of glitter, Alber Elbaz celebrated his 10th anniversary at Lanvin by singing "Que Sera Sera." His part lasts for a total of thirty seconds before he hands the mic over to a professional, but it's thirty seconds of adorable charm. [Elle]

· Just a few photos of Kate Upton modeling her new Beach Bunny bikini line can answer a whole slew of questions. For example, how many ruffles can a triangular doily hold? Five. Also, how much razzle can a bedazzler bedazzle if the bedazzler is taking notes from Kate Upton? A lot. [BuzzFeed]

· Shoe woes continue with Kanye West as the latest designer perp. Models for his second runway show had some indelicate things to say about West's heels re: height, walk-ability, tendency to make legs look "crazy." Fashionista collects all the model's shoe curses á la Twitter. [Fashionista]

· Sarah Jessica Parker sat down with Sarah Burton to discuss everything from Burton's evolving role as Creative Director of Alexander McQueen to why a second McQ label at a lower price point isn't suitable for them to the romance underneath Lee McQueen's edge. One thing you won't hear about? What it was like to make Kate Middleton's wedding dress—she's still not allowed to talk about it. [Interview]

· Wesley Morris, a writer for the sports and pop culture site Grantland, is disappointed with Sean Avery. Morris charges the hockey player-turned-Vogue intern-turned (briefly)-Project Runway judge as an inauthentic bridge between sports and fashion (or for gender expectation and gender possibility) because his fifteen minutes on Project Runway All Stars was, well, underwhelming. [Grantland]