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What's Selling From Coast To Coast in Spring Shoes

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Color, platform, wedge, and '50s vintage all in one, via Bettye Muller

Today in shoes, WWD has rounded up the spring consumer picks at popular stores in the east, west, north, south, and deep south. In California at Los Altos's Crimson Mim "color-saturated suede" is going fast from favorite brands like Butter and Coclico Belen. Up in Vermont, Stella's reports that its wedge's all the way from Frye and Jeffrey Campbell.

Over in Brooklyn at the Shoe Market, ladies are going for '50s and '60s vintage with a "masculine appeal" and the popular picks include Worishofer 562 and 711 sandals and Camper ankle-strap wedges. Down in Charlottesville, Virginia, block wedges from Fiorentini & Baker and Sam Edelmon Trinaare are big. And further down in Mobile, Alabama, Debra's says trends are hard to parse with ladies of all ages are buying, but Pedro Garcia Paige and Rag & Bone sandals seem to have struck a chord. Moral of the story is it's a big country out there with tons of variety in spring kicks so whether you're hip in Brooklyn, a California girl, a Southern Belle, or anything in between, there's plenty to choose from.

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