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Faith For Your Face: Carmelites Launch a Skincare Line

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Most of the time, you hear about monks and nuns doing work with the poor and the hungry. But one group, the Carmelites of Worcester, Massachusetts, have taken a slightly different tack. In partnership with the University of Massachusetts, they've created a line of skincare products for women. The five piece Easamine set (an eye creme, night and day creams, cleanser, and toner) contains adenosine, a natural anti-inflammatory compound.

Feel weird about buying beauty products from a religious order? No worries—they've already anticipated that. "We at the monastery call it 'divine intervention for your skin,'" said one of the monks. And the profits from the line go to charity, so you're still doing a good deed. Also, you will get way more out of this than you will from another one of those Gregorian Chant CDs.

Update: The Community of Teresian Carmelites is not affiliated with the Catholic church or authorized to wear the habit of the Carmelite Order.

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