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Reggie Bush Wants to Get Rid of Razor Burn (No, That's Not a Kim Kardashian Joke)

Reggie Bush, via Getty
Reggie Bush, via Getty

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SKIN—Football player Reggie Bush, best known for winning a Heisman Trophy and for dating Kim Kardashian, is getting into the beauty game. Bush has become a part owner and spokesperson for Barc Skincare, a shaving-centered brand aimed just at guys. Right now they only have three products: Bump Down (which eases razor burn), Cutting Up (shave cream), and a travel set. "I'm a huge fan of Barc's skincare line and I'm looking forward to helping men discover how easy it is to experience smooth skin every day," Bush said in a statement. But seriously, though: how long before we get this guy on Dancing with the Stars? [Racked Inbox]

EYES—Sephora's brand Tokidoki has released an adorable new Love from London palette that's made in the shape of an iconic red telephone booth. The colors have London-inspired names like Carnaby Street (royal blue), Savile Row (brown), and Sloane Square (pale pink), but there's one problem: actual Brits can't get the products. The Sephora locations in the UK closed because of high rents, and the US Sephora site doesn't ship to Britain. ( will, but it's super expensive.) Looks like patriotic, beauty-loving Brits will have to get their fix elsewhere. [BBB]