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Who's Afraid Of Lisa Frank?

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Via <a href="">Buzzfeed</a> by way of <a href="">SeeSarahGo</a>
Via Buzzfeed by way of SeeSarahGo

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Lisa Frank is responsible for every sticker, folder, trapper keeper, and stuffed animal that decorated our childhoods, but how much do we know about the artist besides the fact that she likes rainbows more than we like breathing regularly? The answer is not much, but a picture of her has recently surfaced thanks, in part, to Buzzfeed. We're happy to inform you that Lisa Frank looks exactly like you expected she would look (that is, if you managed not to imagine her as a technicolored dolphin): Big hair, rainbow-colored turtleneck, slightly manic in the eyes. We appreciate the insight into a childhood favorite, Buzzfeed, but on second thought, we might have preferred Lisa Frank the magical drawing dolphin to Lisa Frank the autobot whose penchant for unicorns just got a little creepier.
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