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Because Sometimes "Like" Just Ain't Enough

"Love," "Want," and "Own" buttons on Elle's Facebook Page, via WWD
"Love," "Want," and "Own" buttons on Elle's Facebook Page, via WWD

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Sometimes, "liking" something just isn't enough. At least, Oscar de la Renta, Nine West, American Apparel, Elle magazine, and Avon think so, and they're going to do something about it. Expanding your ability to express yourself through widgets—and, of course, their ability to infiltrate your Facebook feed—those brands are partnering with tech company 8thStreet to launch a whole range of expressive "like" buttons, including “want,” “own,” and “love”—or, in the case of Nasty Gal, “Neeed,” “Gimme,” and “

And now that the flood gates are open, we came up with a few we'd like to see on our favorite apparel sites, so let us know which one you're most on board with after the jump.

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