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According to TIME, Spanx's Sara Blakely Is a Fashion Icon

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Sara Blakely via Getty

Snuggled between Manolo Bahnik and Pierre Cardin on TIME Magazine's just-released list of the "All-Time 100 Greatest Fashion Icons" is the Spanx lady, Sara Blakely. Though Spanx and their thinly veiled masochistic product name have undeniably left their mark on how women dress in the past decade, we tend to think of them as a product that's functional, yes, but not so much about style. It's fair to say that like athletic socks, perhaps, or yoga pants, Spanx are in fact the opposite of being about style. What they are very much about, however, is business, so kudos to Blakely and her savvy entrepreneur skills for landing herself in the company of Coco Chanel with a product no one want to admit they are wearing.

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