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Gap Cleans Up Its Image (Literally)

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It's no secret that Gap's sales have been in a bit of a tailspin for the past ten years, but it sounds like the company's latest effort to revitalize the brand is what we've all been hoping for all along: a return to what the preppy basics they do best. And also, cleaner stores.

A profile in this weekend's New York Times reveals that the company is going back to its roots, filling in the gap (get it?) with everything peppy, preppy, and squeaky clean. Color, denim, khaki, and knits will again fill the shelves while the brand cleans up its image—literally. John Ermatinger, who who ran Gap’s business in China and Japan until last year, told the Times that “The [US] stores weren’t as organized as they could have been, they weren’t as clean as they could have been— sometimes it was sheer fundamentals. They looked like they had been somewhat ignored. There was no romance.” So the message around the Gap HQ is pretty clear: "Go Bright" or go home.
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