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Jimmy'Z Board Shorts Revived at Opening Ceremony; John Varvatos Jacket Thief Caught Thanks to Gum

Image via Opening Ceremony
Image via Opening Ceremony

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Here's what happened today in Racked cities around the country:

LOS ANGELESJimmy'Z, the company that brought velcro to board shorts in the '80s, enjoys a throwback revival at Opening Ceremony after a two-year hiatus. That's not a lot of time to develop swimwear nostalgia, so maybe kind-of-old is the new vintage?

NEW YORK—Did you miss Law & Order reruns last night? Is Law & Order still on air? Who knows, but regardless, here's your lab-room detective fix: The $3,598 John Varvatos jacket thief was caught using the DNA from the chewing gum he left behind. You heard us.

CHICAGOCheck out Taylor, Chicago's Street Scenes subject today, and cast your vote in favor or against her faux-leather mix.