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Kenneth Cole's High Class and High Tide Regret

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Comedy writer Bonnie Datt once bought a chainmail vest "for clubbing"—a purchase she later came to lament, once she realized that chainmail wasn't particularly slimming. Inspired by this, she now spends her spare time asking famous people to dish about purchases which they initially loved—but ended up regretting, for Buyer's Remorse.

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Kenneth Cole is one of the most famous names in fashion. A second generation shoe designer, he also sells his own men's and women's clothing lines in his eponymous stores around the world. The successful designer is married to Maria Cuomo, the daughter of a former New York State governor, and the sister of the current one. He too has a history of political activism, and has used fashion as a medium to promote socially conscious issues like AIDS research and helping the homeless. The designer recently added to his already interesting resume by acting as a judge for the show Project Accessory. With a life this interesting and a career this successful, it's not surprising that when we asked Kenneth what he'd had Buyer's Remorse about, he shared a very high class regret...

Kenneth Cole: What have I regretted? Oh man...

Kenneth's Female Colleague: I can think of something. (She whispers something in his ear.)

Kenneth Cole: I had a boat that sank. I didn't regret having the boat, I regret what happened to it.

Racked: How did it sink?

Kenneth Cole: We've yet to find out, but it was on a clear day at Martha's Vineyard.

Racked: Sorry about your boat.

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