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There Is a Predictable Amount of Animal Print in Kim Kardashian's EBay Sale

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Just like regular people do about this time every year, Kim Kardashian is spring cleaning her closet and selling her unwanted stuff on eBay. So, now is a great time for anyone who is might fit into Kim's clothing shoes to get some of her hand-me-downs at a potential discount. (We say potential, because in the 30 minutes since the sale launched bids are already starting to skyrocketed.)

What you will find: lots of slinky dresses, vertigo-inducing Louboutins, and quite a bit of animal print. In other words, everything you would expect. Click on over to eBay's Fashion Vault place your bids, or browse the gallery above for some of our favorites.
· Ebay/Kardashian's Closet [Official site]