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Wait, So Why Is Justin Timberlake Doing Home Decor All of a Sudden?

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It's not the entrepreneurial move we would have predicted for Justin Timberlake, but home decor is kind of his thing now. HomeMint—the newest site in the BeachMint empire—launched this month and hosts a collection he created with his own interior decorator, Estee Stanley (who also happened to be a stylist for 'N Sync back in the day). In Timberlake's words, "The more we started working on my house, the more we were like, man, we should do this a lot. 'Cause it's fun."

And it seems to be the real deal. At a press event for site's debut last week, we were reassured that this isn't a one-time deal. When we asked if he would stay involved after the initial launch, a HomeMint rep assured us that yes, this is a long-term commitment for him. We guess a guy has to do something to compete with Ryan Gosling these days.
· HomeMint [Official site]