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Poll: Would You Wear a Rash Guard When You're Not at the Beach? Shopbop Thinks You Will

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If you need to ask what a rash guard is, then you clearly haven't watched enough Blue Crush in your life. For the uninitiated, a rash guard is the neoprene "shirt" surfers wear to protect their skin from sunburn, scrapes, and other hazards of the trade, and now it is possibly also coming to an outfit near you. Australian surf company Zimmerman designed a handful of rash guards for Shopbop, and they're not meant to stay on the beach. A Shopbop rep told us they envision the garment as a regular part of your daily wardrobe. "We saw the surf trend all over the Spring runways but noticed no one had looked into making fun rash guards to wear every day... They are perfect both for beach with a bikini or for the city with anything!"

We're curious: Assuming you have $195 to fork over for one of these babies, would you wear it?

Poll results

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