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Tommy Hilfiger on the Purchase That Made him Ask Himself: "Oh God, Why Did I do This?"

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Comedy writer Bonnie Datt once bought a chainmail vest "for clubbing"—a purchase she later came to lament, once she realized that chainmail wasn't particularly slimming. Inspired by this, she now spends her spare time asking famous people to dish about purchases which they initially loved—but ended up regretting, for Buyer's Remorse.

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Legendary sportswear and lifestyle designer Tommy Hilfiger is best known for creating classic American designs with a little bit of an edge. Interestingly, when we asked him what one item he's had Buyer's Remorse about, it turned out to be something classically American—but with plenty of edge...

Racked: Can you tell us about something you had Buyer's Remorse about?

Tommy Hilfiger: A Harley Davidson motorcycle. And I was so excited about it. But then a couple of weeks later, a friend of mine was badly injured on his, so I was like, "Oh God, why did I do this?"

Racked: Did you ever use it?

Tommy Hilfiger:
I actually gave it to my nephew—but he's like a real professional motorcycle rider, so he knows what he's doing.

Racked: So did you ride it at all?

Tommy Hilfiger: I rode it, but I was thinking "What am I doing? I'm going to kill myself—this is crazy!"

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