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Bryan Boy Will Be Joining the Cast of American's Next Top Model, Cue the Model Meltdowns

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The rumors that Filipino blogger Bryan Boy will be taking one of the recently vacated spots on the America's Next Top Model judges' panel have been confirmed by WWD today. Evidently, Tyra Banks wanted to shake things up on the show, and lord knows this should do the trick. Bryan Boy is not exactly known for his filter (there was that time he live-tweeted a threesome, for example) and if you combine that with the rest of the wildcard factors on the show—judge Kelly Cutrone, who similarly has no problem airing it out on Twitter, and, of course, the hyper-animated host herself—you have yourself a regular loose cannon of a season on your hands. Bring on the model meltdowns and fire up your Twitter feeds, people: The #ANTM hashtag is going to be a wild one this season.
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