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Derby Day Hats: 20 Reasons To Give a Hat a Try On Saturday

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Unless you go to a lot of English weddings, Derby Day is probably one of the few occasions of the year that includes wearing a fancy hat. So thank god it's finally here. In honor of Saturday's fashion parade Kentucky Derby, we've rounded up some of our favorite toppers for the occasion.

For those who believe that bigger is better, head straight to Brooks Brothers or Nordstroms for hats decked out with silk flowers and tulle. Or, make it easy for your friends to pick you out from the crowd (even after too many mint juleps) hot magenta and tomato red toppers from Laundry by Shelli Segal and Goorin Bros. If you’re altogether brim-shy, Buji Baja has a light straw fedora that still keeps your head covered, but your personal clearance space to a minimum.

Whatever you wind up wearing, we're willing to place our bets wearing a Dynasty worthy outfit to a sporting event is going to be as much fun as any horse racing that's going on.

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