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Beauty Scoop: Neon Red Lips Are Coming

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Before Tuesday's FIT fashion show, MAC make-up guru Gordon Espinet (he's the SVP of Makeup Artistry for MAC Cosmetics) prepped us on his team's choices for the models' looks. "It's not about matching the makeup to the clothing, but instead giving them a modern woman. Everything is one look. It's neon red lips."

In this case, that meant doing the models' lips in MAC's Lady Danger, which, coincidently, is the color we totally flipped for when we saw fave blogger Jamie Beck wearing a few weeks ago. (We know what color it was because we liked it so much we interrupted her in the middle of a conversation to ask her about it.)

It's a shade that's been in MAC's arsenal for a while, but it seems to be having a moment in the (summer) sun right now. Here's where to find it if you want to hop on the neon red lip bandwagon.
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