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Emma Stone Looks Elegant in Elie Saab at The Amazing Spider-Man Premier

Up close and personal with Stone's smoky eye, via Getty
Up close and personal with Stone's smoky eye, via Getty

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However you feel about fourth renditions of iconic superhero movies, if Emma Stone, is there, she's pretty much the only icon that matters. She stepped onto the red carpet at London's premier of The Amazing Spider-Man in a belted Elie Saab jumpsuit with a neckline that plunged to about mid-sternum. There must be something to those Saab suits because it's the third one we've seen this year, counting Elizabeth Banks in a black, non-sparkly number at the MTV Movie Awards and Rose Byrne in a white, definitely sparkly onesie at the SAG Awards. There's no doubt that it's a chic look, so the only question left is who wore it better? Check out Stone's full look after the jump to make an informed decision.

Emma Stone in Elie Saab, via Getty

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