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Spanx Show

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If you're following Kim Kardashian news religiously, you're already aware that Coco Perez called her out for showing off her Spanx in a dress with sheer side-panels. Much to Spanx PR's chagrin, Kim has set the record straight informing the internet that the flesh-toned underthing is just part of the dress, not a control-top statement: "I wore this gorgeous polka dot Stella McCartney dress out yesterday and I've seen some publications saying I’m flashing my Spanx or control underwear underneath the dress? but that’s exactly how I bought it with those nude panels inside. So no Spanx here!" The underwear company would like to say for the record, however, that exposed Spanx is no fashion crime, telling us yesterday that "Whether it's a Slimmer & Shine slip, or a Stella McCartney dress with a SPANX-inspired liner, we say let your SPANX and your shape show!" Who knows, folks? We might have a Spanx pride trend on our hands. [CelebBuzz]