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Extra 25% Off at the Kate Spade Sale; Pin It to Win It Forever21 Style

<a href=",default,pd.html?dwvar_PXRU3271_color=411&amp;start=28&amp;cgid=sale">Grand Street Quinn</a>, $178 (was $398), and <a href="
Grand Street Quinn, $178 (was $398), and

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ONLINE SHOPPING—The only thing better than a sale is a sale on a sale. So thank you, Kate Spade, for making our weekend. The brand is offering an extra 25% off select sale items, including shoes, apparel, bags and accessories today, which is enough browsing fodder to ease anyone through a summer Friday afternoon. [Racked Inbox]

PINTEREST—You can interpret the Forever21 theme "Love is Free" however you like but "Pin It & Win It" is universally understood by internet users. Pin it: Upload at least five original pins that "inspire love for the summer season" and hashtag each one #loveisfree. Then copy and paste the URL here with a forwarding email by midnight tonight. Win it: $210 gift card to Forever21. [Racked Inbox]