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WATCH: Prabal Gurung Attempts To Out Dogtown Heath Ledger in New Video

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Bon Duke: The Erjonas on

Not everyone can make the grungy skate-kid life look chic, but Heath Ledger managed it and now Prabal Gurung is giving it a go. In a new short for Nowness, the designer partnered with SVA student photographer Bon Duke to re-imagine the opening credits of the 2005 Ledger film Lords of Dogtown. And in this version, of course, there is 100% more models wearing designer clothes and high heels than there was in the the original. “I wanted to take the lifestyle in Dogtown but add a twist to it... I wanted to show [model Erjona Ala's] control over them and appropriating their image,” Duke said. You can see what that looks like above.
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