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Emma Stone and Letterman Wear Matching Outfits, Solve World Peace

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Last night, Emma Stone stepped onto the Letterman stage looking pretty in peplum, of course, and also matching the host's tie in an excellent tribute to color blocking at it's best. We wonder who called whom. That we may never know, but we did learn that Letterman gets Vogue in the mail, Stone dyes her hair for "something to do," and that 3D may or may not be the secret to solving world peace.

And speaking of Vogue, which Stone happens to be covering this month, here's what the two had to say about the magazine:

Stone: "I have never attended a clam bake."

Letterman: How 'bout that, ladies and gentlemen. I'll tell you something: You won't learn that in [Vogue]. Did they ask you about a clam bake?"
Stone: "They neeever asked me about a clam bake!"

Letterman: "And they call themselves a magazine! This is nothing!"

Good times. Enjoy the clip in its hilarious entirety after the jump.

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