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Is Skylar Laine the Snooki of Country Music?

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Skylar Laine via Getty
Skylar Laine via Getty

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This gem from American Idol vet Skylar Laine stood out as kookiest of all the sparkly and—ahem—breasty looks that walked down the red carpet at the CMT Music Awards last night. The ruffly off-kilter number is bedazzled with shards of some stone that look like they could cut glass (or are glass—we're not sure which).

Now, the CMT Awards aren't known for high-fashion looks, but what we can argue is that these belles take more risks than other awards show frequenters we know. And though this particular promtastic number is the riskiest of them all, Laine looks like she's having a good time, and you can't hate on that.

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