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Mulberry Takes Top Prize for Fashion at the Vimeo Awards

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Mulberry 'Skirt' from Academy Films on Vimeo.

The British brand Mulberry took home the top prize in the fashion video category for their short "Skirt" at last night's Vimeo Awards hosted by beatboxer Beardyman and musician/comedian/epic hair wrangler Reggie Watts. The Amanda Boyle directed video is a sweet 5 minute-er about roommates learning to live with each other, and their respective tricks are truly an inspiration for all the cohabiting pranksters out there. The costumes are pretty great, too.

Mulberry won over some other excellent films, like Opening Ceremony's "Step, Clap, Go!", which should not be watched unless you feel like dancing right now. If you do, however, check it out along with the rest of the nominated fashion films here.

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