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Cartman, Victoria Beckman Love Their Muscle Man Marc Doll

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Forget Cabbage Patch Kids, here's a toy that every tot should aspire to: Muscle Man Marc. Back in November, Marc Jacobs was immortalized in American canon when the South Park episode "1%" featured Cartman's conspiratorial toy "Muscle Man Marc." The limited-edition dolls, should you be interested, are currently available at Marc Jacobs boutiques, where 500 people can own that piece of Jacobs history for $125 and just a hint of irony.

Or, make that 499 people. Victoria Beckham has already snagged one of the little buddies, tweeting last week that she was "Getting ready for a night out with my date ?#musclemanmarc? @marcjacobsintl." Check out Beckham and her new best friend after the jump.

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