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Liveblogging the First CityTarget's Opening Day; What's on Jonathan Adler's Playlist

Behold: CityTarget Chicago, via Racked Chicago
Behold: CityTarget Chicago, via Racked Chicago

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Here's what happened today in Racked cities around the country:

CHICAGO—Our sister site welcomed CityTarget into the world the best way Racked knows how: with live-blogging. Hear about the first item ever purchased, what tunes were playing, and how the CityTarget pharmacy can help when you eat an almond croissant too fast.

LOS ANGELES—Check out what's on Jonathan Adler's playlist thanks to the KCRW Guest DJ Project and download the whole podcast as well.

NEW YORK—Because not everywhere right now is hotter than heck (we're told temperatures even go down at nighttime in some places), here are 9 light sweaters for chillier summer moments.